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Having one or both breasts reconstructed can be a difficult decision to make. However, unlike other types of breast reconstruction, autologous or flap breast reconstruction uses skin, fat and sometimes muscle from your own body to create the new breast.

How Autologous Breast Reconstruction Works

Generally, the tissue to create the new breast is taken from your belly, back, buttocks or inner thighs. The tissue can be moved in two ways:

  • Free Flap: completely separates the tissue from its original blood vessels and moves to its new place on your chest
  • Pedicled Flap: Keeps the tissue attached to its original blood vessels and moves under your skin to your chest – this is most common

Many women choose that the tissue be taken from their abdomen, because it is like having a tummy tuck while getting a new breast.

Why Choose Autologous Breast Reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction using tissues from your own body is a great choice for many women because it usually lasts a lifetime. Other solutions like breast implants usually last 10 to 20 years. You may require an additional follow-up surgery, like nipple reconstruction or reshaping of the breast later on, but the procedure itself will not need to be repeated. Another reason many women choose autologous breast reconstruction is because the tissue used is very similar to that of the former breast – making it feel very natural.

Breast Reconstruction Recovery

Depending on the type of surgery you had, you may be in the hospital for a week or more.  Because nerves were cut as a result of the surgery, your reconstructed breast does not have much sensation. Scars will also fade over time, but typically do not completely disappear.

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