Breast Reconstruction

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After you’ve had breast cancer and lost one or both breasts to a mastectomy, you may decided to have breast reconstruction. This can be done at the same time as your original mastectomy or later on. If and when you do make that decision, there are several options available to consider, and the doctors at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Illinois are here to help you make those decisions.

What to Expect from Breast Reconstruction

We work with patients from throughout the area, many of whom were treated for breast cancer by our affiliated practice. This continuity of care and convenience of one centralized location provides patients with extra comfort throughout treatment.

The physicians at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Illinois are keenly aware that this is a very personal issue, and they will consult with you to provide advice on the best method for your reconstruction. Some of the techniques used to restoring a natural, more balanced appearance include:

  • Artificial implants
  • Skin expansion
  • Free TRAM flap reconstruction
  • DIEP (Deep Inferior Epigatric Artery Perforator, microvascular)

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