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Tired of seeing “dad bod” in the mirror?  Or maybe years of playing in the sun make you look older than you feel. Thankfully, the doctors at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Illinois have a solution that will keep you on top of your game and looking sharp every day.

Male plastic surgery… or “BroTherapy” as we like to call it… is a mix of simple, yet effective services that are specifically designed to help men age gracefully. We understand that what works for a woman’s body won’t work for yours. So give us a lunch break or a couple of hours in the afternoon, and get ready to show off a little more this summer. We’ll help you determine which set of treatments will help you achieve your goals with the most natural, subtle and masculine results.

BroTherapy Solutions for Perfecting Your Image

Take a Shot at Wrinklesbro

Botox® for Men

Chisel Your Abs

CoolSculpting® for Men

Get Beach Body Ready

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Transform Your Skin

SkinCeuticals for Men

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Explore the many procedures we have specifically for men at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Illinois.  Or, call our office to schedule a consultation if you’d like to speak with one of our surgeons. Call (309) 495-0077 or contact us today to find out if our BroTherapy services are right for you.




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