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Another great option for erasing the years is a brow lift (also known as forehead lift). As you age, your facial features can change in a way that makes you look tired, angry, sad and older than you feel. This is often caused by forehead lines and creases, as well as lines that may appear between your eyebrows. By smoothing out and tightening this skin, our cosmetic surgeons can help restore you to a more youthful appearance that looks natural and will give you the confidence to conquer the day.

What to Expect from Brow Lift Surgery

Browlift Tutorial - Watch Video Now
Browlift Tutorial – Watch Video Now

During your brow lift consultation, be prepared to discuss your goals for your appearance as well as your medical history with your surgeon at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Illinois. The procedure itself is performed under anesthesia, and an incision is made in one of two ways: using an endoscope with small incisions at the hairline or by making an incision from ear-to-ear within the hairline (also called a coronal incision). A coronal incision is often used on men and women who have a naturally high hairline already so the brow can be lifted without altering the height of the front hairline.

How Soon Will I See Results?

The results of a browlift are immediately visible. You will have some swelling post-surgery, but this will gradually reduce and the incision line will fade.

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Discover if a browlift is right for you by talking with the cosmetic surgeons at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Illinois.  We always encourage our patients to ask questions in their quest for a “brand new you,” so come prepared! Schedule your consultation by calling (309) 495-0077, or contact us today.

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